Villa Doria d'Angri


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Bed & Breakfast Posillipo

The villa that entertains the structure is integral part of the monumental Villa Doria of Angri, built between 1831 and 1833 on commission of the Prince Marcantonio Doria. To realize this shine, the work of excavation in the tufo in such an impervious ground was grandiose: "it needed to cut tortuous and declive the road in the tufo and to sustain it with walls to make it sure and accessible", as the Chiarini annotated. Between these boundaries and bottom this road, in the heart of the mountain of tufo, our house is born?. how many histories could tell the boundaries of these rooms?.

Once they welcomed the custodian of the Villa of Angri and the servitude of the Prince. When the villa was given to the religious order of Saint Dorotea, that ivi constituted a convent of seclusion, these rooms became the abode of the priest that every day celebrated the mass for the nuns. They welcomed then a private elementary school, managed by the same, and shortly after they entertained the kindergarten of the poor children of the young mothers not gotten married. After years of silence, among these boundaries, in these rooms, our house is born, thin to today become the comforting one resides for the tourists that want to enjoy some beauties in Naples!

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